Asheli S. Atkins, M.B.A

Ph.D. Candidate, Entrepreneur, & Educator

Asheli S. Atkins, MBA is an entrepreneur, educator, and Sociology Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University specializing in Racial & Ethnic Relations, Organizational Theory & the Sociology of Entrepreneurship.

In her research, she constructed a qualitative framework to examine the strategies marginalized entrepreneurs use to navigate barriers in the market. Asheli analyzes the experiences of entrepreneurs and uncovers the strategies they construct, while learning how personal and professional experiences with racism, discrimination, sexism, and power dynamics, influence their decision-making processes.  

Asheli is the co-founder of Attucks England Consulting, LLC alongside Warren Luckett & Cornell England. Additionally, Asheli operates a research and data analysis firm, where she assist companies in with data analysis, collection, and presentation.

Asheli is also a Sociology Lecturer at Prairie View A&M University where she teaches Social Theory, Social Problems, and General Sociology.