Black Women’s Equal Pay Day


In celebration of  #BlackWomensEqualPayDay. It’s important to acknowledge the struggles that Black women face in corporate America, academia and as an entrepreneur, due to their race & gender. Despite the fact that Black women are the fasting growing group of entrepreneurs & highly educated… there are no Black women as CEOs in Fortune 500 companies, we are paid 38% less than we’re owed & we receive less than 1% of capital investment provided to entrepreneurs. In 2009 I was offered a job, but at the time, fresh from undergrad, I honestly didn’t know you could negotiate your salary. I was simply thankful to have a job. After 2 years in my role, being ”promoted” with no pay to instructor/recruiter/graphic designer and obtaining an MBA I was making a little over $30K. I asked for a raise and did not receive it but I stayed at that job for almost 4 more years! STRESSED & STRUGGLING each month but looking back on it, I’m thankful for that experience… a learning experience. Unfortunately, the struggle for equal pay follows me into academia and even as an entrepreneur but now I know MY rules:
1. If you know your skills, quality and the market don’t be afraid to set your price & stick with it! Sticking with it may mean walking away from the job, opportunity or project. STICK WITH IT anyways!
2. Your service/product may be too expensive for some that does NOT mean lower your price. Adjust who you target.
3. There are so many resources (often free) to learn about salary negotiation, investing and funding for businesses owned by women of color. CLICK HERE to view some resources.
4. Know your worth!
A special thank you to Christa of Cubicles To Cocktails hosted by Freeing She along with Julia Rock of Rock Career Development for #BlackWomenEqualPayDay. We had fun! We laughed a lot but the honest and transparent conversation was my favorite. Thank you to the beautiful Black & Brown women who came out. Thank you to Momo Food + Wine Stoli Vodka Houston Latina Bloggers Black Girls Who Collaborate.