My First Publication

Publishing in a public space is a small win for some academics but a major accomplishment for me! It means that the research I collect reaches the intended audience.

Following Hurricane Harvey, I decided to write an article… and TribTalk, a publication of the Texas Tribune picked it up. I feel like I won an Oscar. Check it out below.

How can the racial gap in small business recovery be closed? And whose responsibility is it? Following Hurricane Harvey, the first and most important task was assisting displaced individuals, but with widespread business closures, our attention extended to the Houston business community. Restaurant and retail chains receive aid from large corporations following a disaster — but who assists small businesses, and more specifically, black-owned businesses?

According to FEMA, 40 percent of small businesses do not recover after a flood-related disaster. The impact on black-owned business is far worse. The 2011 PERC Results and Solution Report examined small businesses for five years following Hurricane Katrina. The report notes that black-owned businesses faced greater difficulty receiving recovery-related aid and when compared to other ethnic groups the permanent closure rate was highest for black business owners.

Days after Harvey, with damage… Read more.