Unity In Color : Houston

This weekend I had the pleasure to participant in the Houston edition of Unity In Color, sponsored by NaturallyCurly.com . If you, like me, have not heard of Unity In Color or the creator Jasmine Solano here is a little summary of the greatness that is Unity In Color.

“Together we stand in solidarity to show our support for Women’s Rights. We acknowledge our history as we move towards our collective future. We wear yellow and gold as a nod to earlier feminist movements and ancient symbols of the divine feminine, while acknowledging that inclusive and intersectional feminism is our standard today.  In this special artistic photography series, we represent the unity in our strength of diversity. We encourage you to connect and get involved.”


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I want to thank Nyla Spooner of @ThoughtCaughtInMyFro for inviting me to participate, Danie of @the.danie & @theabstractpeople for Photography and Creative Direction. I would be remiss if I did not thank the lovely ladies who participated. These women are Ahhmazing!!!! From pre-med students, wellness coaches, actors, and so much more… Check them out on Instagram.

  • Jasmine Colbert, @peaceloveandallthatjaz
  • Giovanna Matias, @my_juicy_fruit
  • Jaileen Grullon, @kingdom.minded  (Featured Image by Jaileen’s husband of @pinnacle.images)
  • Kirstin Drenon, @hollysbouquet
  • Amy Shypailo, @amyshipshape
  • Tiffany Malone, @TiffanyMalonee
  • Jennifer Sun, @theshutupkid
  • Lauren Murray, @whatsuplauren_
  • Akia McPhaul, @lorainfontaine

And as always ME! Follow me on @HouBlkBus!