Book of the Month: March

valdezFor 3 semesters my dissertation committee member told me to read this book. I ignored him. “It will help you with your research on African American entrepreneurs.” I smiled AND ignored him. Then I started on my first article and could not for the life of me find a book that was: 1) about present-day entrepreneurs. 2) Focused on minorities. 3) Grounded in Sociology and Economics. But God! Through the blessing that is I found The New Entrepreneurs by Zuelma Valdez… and a few others that met my need.

Weeks later I ran into my committee member. I apologized for not listening sooner and thanked him over and over.

Here is a gem for you.

“For many entrepreneurs, the American Dream remains only partially fulfilled. Unequal outcomes between the middle and lower classes, men and women, and Latino/as, whites, and blacks highlight continuing inequalities and constraints within American society. With a focus on a diverse group of Latino entrepreneurs, this book explores how class, gender, race, and ethnicity all shape Latino entrepreneurs’ capacity to succeed in business in the United States. Bringing intersectionality into conversation with theories of ethnic entrepreneurship, Zulema Valdez considers how various factors create, maintain, and transform the social and economic lives of Latino entrepreneurs. While certain group identities may impose unequal, if not discriminatory, starting positions, membership in these same social groups can provide opportunities to mobilize resources together. Valdez reveals how Latino entrepreneurs―as members of oppressed groups on the one hand, yet “rugged individualists” striving for the American Dream on the other―work to recreate their own positions within American society.”